Pastor Evelyn McCoy Harris

Pastor Evelyn McCoy Harris

Evelyn McCoy-Harris, a native of Chicago, IL serves as CoPastor at Seed of Faith Ministries in various capacities. She is the Women’s President and oversees the Women’s Executive Board working extensively in the following areas of ministry: Scholarships, Mentorship, Counseling, Table Talk, Financial Literacy, Fundraising, Event Planning, Community Outreach, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Her passion is to see women working in a capacity that is rewarding. She has served in the church and community her entire life. Her parents, the late Pastor Willie E. McCoy, Sr. and Thelma McCoy who still pushes her to live her best life, raised her to love God and always put Him first.

She is Director of Seed of Faith Ministries Performing Arts Center at their historical State Street location. This site houses dance, singing, acting and creative performance that gives community a vital platform needed for growing and showcasing new gifts and talent. Leaders are born at this location!

She also serves as Executive Director managing several community and grant programs at their 11-building Medical Center, 8 multisite church locations, scattered multisite transitional housing sites, overnight Warming Shelter, Day Shelter, clothing closet, food bank and offices. Seed of Faith Ministries is steeped in Salem, Oregon where it is headquartered and is a Community Based Organization (CBO) working with 26 community partners to effectively serve the community in providing a place for those who experience housing inequities, food shortages and systemic cultural barriers. As a voice in the community, she advocates for justice, equality, and equity. CoPastor Evelyn McCoy-Harris alongside her husband, Bishop Wade E. Harris, 25 years of leadership, serve diverse populations; mental health, behavioral health, socioeconomically disadvantaged, vulnerable populations, and the elderly by providing wraparound services, meeting the immediate needs of the community.

Evelyn McCoy-Harris is a psalmist, published author, and creator of community programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism News Editorial.

She penned their church mantra “An effective church is a working church.”


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